The ABRC occupies laboratory rooms and staff offices in Rightmire Hall on the campus of The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Rightmire Hall is also the home of the Center for Applied Plant Sciences, a joint initiative of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Rightmire Hall building


The seed area includes a laboratory, two humidity-controlled rooms for seed handling, four large growth chambers utilized for growing plants, three dry cold rooms in two locations for seed storage, and two -20C freezers off-site for long-term backup seed storage.

Person working in ABRC ColdroomPerson working at desk in labDryroom at ABRC

The DNA laboratory equipment includes a Biomek 3000 liquid handling robot, two incubators, and two laminar flow hoods. DNA stocks are stored in ten ultra-low freezers in three locations, and in a walk-in cold room.

Emma working in DNA labDNA robot in ABRC DNA labJane working in ABRC DNA lab

ABRC occupies five greenhouse rooms in the Center for Applied Plant Sciences Support Facility, which also houses numerous growth chambers and freezers, a large cold room, and a large preparation room.

Plants in ABRC GreenhousePlant flats being put in cold storagePeople putting plastic sleeves on plant pots in the ABRC greenhouse