Fee Structure

Fee Information

ABRC and NASC (European Arabidopsis Stock Centre) charge fees on a per stock basis. An additional shipping and handling charge is added for to each order. Seeds are shipped separately from other types of stocks, so if your order contains both seed and other stocks, the order charge will be doubled.

Seed stocks sent to some countries require a Phytosanitary Certificate issued through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Please check the regulations of your country to see what documents are required.

Some stocks such as cell cultures, protein chips, clone sets, and libraries require express shipping. Additional fees per order will be added in these cases. For orders that do not require express shipping, we can ship them by express mail if you select the express shipping option when you place your order..

  • Most individual stocks are $10 per stock for academic use and $80 per stock for commercial use
  • Sets of stocks are variably priced at a significant discount over the per stock charges
  • A $20 order charge added to each individual order ($40 if you order seed and other stocks in the same order) for orders from the US, and an order charge of $25 ($50 if both types of stocks are ordered) is added for orders from outside of the US.
  • Phytosanitary certificates are $35 per certificate
  • Express charges are added to the order based on what stocks are ordered and the shipping location

Billing and Payment Information

Payment information is required at the time you place your order and invoices are generated online. We accept credit card payments using MasterCard and VISA or you can enter a Purchase Order / other reference number. You will not be able to order stocks unless you can provide one of those numbers. Combining of orders as much as possible from individual laboratories will reduce cost and paperwork at both ends. ABRC and TAIR will not maintain records of any credit card numbers.

If you cannot afford the associated charge for stocks, or you are associated to a middle or high school, please contact ABRC before placing an order. Please note that we will send the stock free of charge to any laboratory that cannot afford the associated charge.

If you select payment by Purchase Order, all payments should be made by check or money order to The Ohio State University in U.S. Dollars. All payments should be sent directly to the address on the invoice, and not to any other university office. Otherwise, you will not receive credit for your payment. We cannot accept payments by electronic transfer.

Overview of the Charging System

Based on the recommendations of the Advisory committees of both ABRC and NASC, fees have been in place since 1997. The anticipated revenues from the fees account for more than 50% of the total support of ABRC. The stock centers do not realize profits on any stocks. The fees allow us to provide the level of service required to incorporate genomics related stocks and keep up with the high ordering demand.

The charging policies of the Arabidopsis centers are designed to raise some necessary operating funds while adhering to the following principles:

  • Keep costs to users as low as possible
  • Minimize paperwork for users and the centers
  • Charge as equitably as possible relative to individual usage while keeping the pricing structure simple

Our primary goal remains to serve Arabidopsis researchers, and the funds generated by this system will allow us to serve you even better. Feel free to contact either ABRC or NASC if you have questions or comments regarding this policy.

The mailing address for payment of fees is as follows:
Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
055 Rightmire Hall
1060 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH 43210 USA