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ABRC Services Survey Results

February 26, 2018
photo of a green house

 At the request of our scientific advisory committee, the ABRC surveyed the community to determine if additional services would add value to our existing mission and to the plant biology research community.  Included in the survey were new service options we are considering and question

NAASC Survey on plant biology conferences

November 3, 2017
North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee

NAASC (North America Arabidopsis Steering Committee) has developed a brief online survey and actively seeks your input. Please take a few minutes to give your thoughts on what makes a plant biology conference valuable and relevant to you.

ABRC publishes new seed sterilization video protocol

October 20, 2017
bleach sterilization graph

ABRC is excited to announce the publication of the new journal article “Standardized Method for High-throughput Sterilization of Arabidopsis Seeds” in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE).