ABRC Education and Outreach at ASPB Plant Biology 2014

August 13, 2014

ASPB extended ABRC the opportunity to display and demonstrate Arabidopsis educational materials at the ASPB Plant Biology 2014 Conference.  James Mann from ABRC traveled to Portland, Oregon to demonstrate and discuss the materials that ABRC has available to use Arabidopsis to teach a wide variety of plant science topics.  Three of the 18 education kits that ABRC currently has available for educators were demonstrated at ASPB’s education exhibit.  

The first kit that was demonstrated at the conference was "Play Mendel".  This experiment was designed by ABRC to demonstrate the basic concepts of Mendelian genetics.  Thanks to coordination with Scott Woody for logistics and lighting apparatuses and also thanks to Jeff Young for growing the plants, with their help ABRC was able to have Arabidopsis mutant and wild-type plants on display at their booth.  Agamous Arabidopsis mutants demonstrated principals of segregation, and individuals were given the opportunity to perform crosses between the glabrous and wild-type Arabidopsis plants. 

The second kit showcased at the conference was “Life in Bloom”.  This education kit was also developed at ABRC and allows educators to demonstrate the effect of the plant hormone gibberellic acid on a variety of wild-type and GA Arabidopsis mutants. 

The third kit demonstrated was “Same Genes Different Fates”.  Alan Jones developed and donated the protocols for this kit.  ABRC had results, at the booth, from an experiment that is described in the kit, where a GUS reporter is used to show MLO4 and MLO9 gene expression in Arabidopsis seedlings.

ABRC greatly appreciates everyone who stopped by our booth at Plant Biology 2014.  We would like to thank ASPB for all that they have done to help ABRC develop its education and outreach program and also for the opportunity they provided for us to demonstrate and discuss this program at Plant Biology 2014.  We would like to specifically thank Katie Engen, Scott Woody, and Jeff Young for all the help they provided before and during the conference.