Course Source Publishes ABRC Paper on Germination and Genetics for College Courses

October 18, 2017
Arabidopsis seedling

ABRC is excited to announce that Course Source, an online journal for undergraduate biology education, has published the paper, "Linking Genotype to Phenotype: The Effect of a Mutation in Gibberellic Acid Production on Plant Germination".  This paper was developed from the "Life in Bloom" education kit that is available through ABRC's education and outreach program. This kit was designed for students to perform a simple experiment that demonstrates the connection between germination and genes involved in gibberellic acid (GA) synthesis.  ABRC staff partnered with Jennifer Larson to prepare this paper for Course Source.  Jennifer has extensive experience teaching the "Life in Bloom" experiment to students at The Ohio State University. Teaching materials for the Life in Bloom kit are available via ABRC, and the full CourseSource article (which includes additional instructional materials) can be downloaded by creating a free CourseSource account.