High School Students Win Award For Arabidopsis Research Project

May 20, 2014

Nikolas Grotewold & Henry C. Wu, two students from Upper Arlington High School, won The Ohio Soybean Council Team Award at The Ohio Academy of Science: State Science Day for their research project titled:  The Correlation Between the GL1 Gene & the Glabrous Phenotype in Various Arabidopsis Ecotypes.  The research they presented resulted from a collaboration they had with various ABRC personnel.  Niki & Henry demonstrated that the GL1 gene was sometimes involved but not always responsible for observed glabrous phenotypes in various Arabidopsis ecotypes.  Arabidopsis plants generally have structures called trichomes that cover the surface of the plant.  The trichomes give the plant a hairy appearance.  Glabrous plants lack or have reduced amounts of trichomes causing them to have a smoother appearance.  ABRC congratulates Niki and Henry for their achievement and celebrates their dedication and hard work.  You can find out more information about his event by clicking on the following link: The Ohio Academy of Science: State Science Day.