Pictures from 4H Science Saturday

May 7, 2013

ABRC and CAPS staff and graduate students teamed up to introduce plant viruses in a hands-on activity "Does My Plant Have a Flu" for grades 3-6 as part of the 4-H Science Saturdays event. This event represented a collaboration between OSU staff and faculty with the Ohio 4-H program to explore a variety of important scientific issues. In “Does My Plant Have a Flu” students learned how to isolate DNA from a plant and how to distinguish between virus-infected and non-infected plants using molecular methods. This activity was led by Dr. Jelena Brkljacic, the Associate Director of ABRC and Tami Coursey, a graduate student in Dave Bisaro’s plant virology lab. Additional instructors: Diana Shin from ABRC and Jessica Storer from D. Bisaro’s lab. Photos: James Mann from ABRC. 



PDF File of All Pictures