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  • Joseph Ecker
  • SALK Confirmed T-DNA Project
  • 07/20/2007



    Sequence-indexed T-DNA insertion line; confirmed line isolated from original SALK line; presence of the insertion was analyzed by PCR.


    Col (Columbia)

    NOTE: kanamycin resistance gene may be silenced; PCR- or hybridization-based segregation analysis is required to confirm presence of insertion; may be segregating for phenotypes that are not linked to the insertion; may have additional insertions potentially segregating.; Please cite the Alonso et al. reference linked to this stock and acknowledge ABRC for distributing the seeds in all presentations and publications utilizing this material.

    100 seeds per vial

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    Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

    Additional Information

    DOI PubMed
    10.1126/science.1086391 12893945
    Transgene Description Promoter Reporter Marker
    pROK2 T-DNA kanamycin

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    researcher reported: We obtained this line and found that there is a segregating mutation. The phenotype is similar to axr1 (slow growth, reduced apical dominance). We've used primer sets to try to validate the insert but in no case do either class of plants (WT and the axr1-like) give rise to a PCR product with a gene specific/T-DNA primer pair. ABRC 11/15/2012 To view detailed data, click here