Funding and Fees

ABRC is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences, and by the community through a stock and order fees.

ABRC and NASC, the Nottingham Arabidopsis Seed Centre, coordinate fees and distribution to provide seed materials as efficiently as possible to researchers worldwide.

Fees include stock charges for each item and an order charge for shipping and handling. Additional charges may also be included for express shipping and import documents. 

Most seed stocks are provided free of charge to K-12 schools. Requests for reduced or waived charges due to financial difficulties will also be considered. Please contact us before placing an order if you would like to request reduced fees.


Stock and Order Charges

Stock charges are based on item and institution type (academic or commercial). Most individual stocks are $15 for academic use and $120 for commercial use. Sets of stocks are variably priced at a significant discount over the per stock charges.

Order charges are based on shipping location and are doubled if both seed and other stock types are ordered. The table below lists charges for US and international orders.


Order Charges

Type of Stock
Domestic (USA)
Both Seed and Other


Shipping and Other Charges

Express shipping charges are based on special packaging requirements and/or destination. The table below includes estimates for domestic and international rates.


Express Shipping Charges

Special Packaging
Domestic (USA)
Blue Ice
Dry Ice


The charge for a Phytosanitary Certificate, issued through the Ohio Department of Agriculture, is $35. This document is included by request or when required for international orders.


Our Orders page has detailed information about registration and ordering.

Our Payments page has information on acceptable methods of payment and instructions on how to submit payments to ABRC.