School & Outreach Programs

ABRC offers a variety of outreach programs available to schools and community organizations throughout Central Ohio. If you would like to book an outreach program with ABRC, please call (614) 292-9371 or email us at

Outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic

In-person programming is currently limited. Please visit our Virtual Resources page for more information on how to connect with us virtually.

To better serve our community during this time of physical distancing, outreach professionals from across STEM disciplines at Ohio State have put together a curated list of our favorite at-home and virtual learning opportunities. Check out our list of Recommended Activities to Explore @ Home to find experiences to fit your STEM interests!

Virtual resources

In addition to our education kits, which include seeds to grow Arabidopsis in your classroom, ABRC is developing a set of virtual resources to support online learning. Visit our virtual resources page for more information on virtual resources for teachers, students and science enthusiasts.


Classroom visits                                                                                                                             

ABRC staff are available to visit Central Ohio schools to facilitate hands-on, plant science activities using Arabidopsis. Program staff work with teachers to select activities that complement their curriculum.


Field trips 

ABRC provides on-site tours of our growth facilities and laboratories for school and community groups. Hands-on activities can be coupled with facility tours for a more in-depth plant science experience. ABRC facilities are located on The Ohio State University’s West Campus off of Carmack Road.


School events 

ABRC has a number of short, hands-on activities designed to engage learners of all ages in science discovery. These activities are perfect for science festivals and other school or district-wide events.


Teacher workshops 

ABRC offers in-depth teacher workshops designed to guide science teachers through the process of incorporating Arabidopsis into their curriculum. These workshops provide hands-on experience with the experimental protocols included in ABRC’s Greening the Classroom modules.


Community events 

ABRC is always looking to develop new community partnerships and to share science education with the public through community outreach. Our short, hands-on activities are designed for learners of all ages, and are perfect for festivals and other public programs.