Education Kits

A number of education kits for K-12 and college level instruction have been developed through the combined effort of ABRC and the research and education community. A kit includes downloadable materials such as ready-to-teach laboratory protocols and supporting materials, along with the Arabidopsis seeds necessary to conduct outlined experiments. A subset of the available kits have been further developed by ABRC, as part of our Greening the Classroom program. In September 2011, we obtained funding from the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) to further develop our education program into a central hub for Arabidopsis teaching resources, which includes the knowledgebase TRAINED (Translating Research on Arabidopsis Into a Network of Educational Resources). TRAINED kits were developed and donated by the research and education community, with seeds made available by ABRC. Greening the Classroom kits are provided free of charge, and most seed stocks are provided free of charge to K-12 schools.