ABRC’s mission is to distribute the genetic resources of the powerful model organism, Arabidopsis thaliana. The ABRC’s long-term goals are to: 1) continue to enlarge and expand the collection though acquisition of resources; 2) procure, store and distribute new types of resources based on the needs of the community; 3) continue to increase the efficiency of the operation, thus providing higher quality of service with a continued low stock price, and 4) to provide free access to curated stock information.

The mission of our Education and Outreach program is to bridge the gap between Arabidopsis research and its utilization in K-12 and college classrooms. Our goals are to: 1) translate research experiences to further K-12 and college education; 2) design teaching exercises that will be current, interesting, hands-on and inquiry-driven; 3) partner with schools and other educators to expand the scope of the program; 4) create a platform through which plant researchers, teachers, students and other educational groups are brought together at local and national levels.



ABRC solicits feedback from the community via surveys sent to registered users. The results of recent surveys are summarized below.

Survey results for new ordering system 2016

Survey results for possible services 2017