General Considerations for All Donations

Please read The Ethics of Sharing Resources

ABRC relies on the donation of resources by the community and appreciates any stocks that you are willing to donate. We welcome seed resources of Arabidopsis and all Brassicas, plasmids and other resources of any plant species, as well as educational modules.

Detailed guidelines regarding suitability of stock for inclusion in the collection are provided in our Stock Acquisition and Deacquisition Policy. The appropriate quantities, format, and forms for donation of different types of stocks are outlined below.

Whenever possible, ABRC will pay the shipping charges for donations of all stocks, including seeds, plasmids and education kits. Please contact ABRC for a prepaid shipping label before sending your donation.

All donations will be released within 2-3 weeks, unless you are notified. If we must amplify your donation, it will be up to six months before we can make the stock(s) available for ordering.

By donating you can earn Points redeemable for free stocks from ABRC with our Stocks for Stocks Rewards Program.


Please send all donations to:

Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center

Attn: Emma Knee

055 Rightmire Hall

1060 Carmack Road

Columbus OH 43210




Seed donation

ABRC accepts all unique Arabidopsis and Brassica seed stocks. Seeds should be sent in tubes with threaded lids to prevent them from opening during transport. Send as much seed as you can spare.

Please download and complete the appropriate seed donation form below, and submit it electronically as an attachment to

seed box


Simple donation form for mutant and transgenic lines:

Simple Donation Form

Detailed donation forms:

Mutant and Transgenic Seed Donation Form

Accession Seed Donation Form

Recombinant Inbred Seed Donation Form



Other stocks donation

ABRC accepts characterized plasmids, libraries, host strains, antibodies, cell cultures and other resources of any species of plant, providing that we have the ability to accommodate them. For single plasmids, we request that you provide two frozen glycerol stocks. Contact ABRC prior to sending other stock donations.

Please download and complete the non-seed donation form below and submit the form electronically as an attachment to If available, please include digital images of plasmid maps.

Non-seed Donation Form




Education Kit Donation

ABRC welcomes the contribution of new education resources designed to promote the use of Arabidopsis in K-12 and undergraduate instruction. Donated resources will be available to the public via TRAINED (Translating Research on Arabidopsis Into a Network of Educational Resources).

Please download and complete the Education Donation Form below, and upload your materials. We will contact you once your donation has been reviewed.

Education Kit Donation Form


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about donating.