Donate Stocks

General Considerations for All Donations

A donated tube of seeds.

ABRC relies on the donation of resources by the community and appreciates any stocks which you are willing to donate. Detailed guidelines regarding suitability of stock for inclusion in the collection are provided in our Stock Acquisition and Deacquisition Policy. For seed and DNA stocks meeting these guidelines, ABRC will accept the stocks in quantities large enough for preservation of the stock and distribution to researchers provided in containers suitable for permanent storage. If a donor is unable to provide the stock(s) in the needed quantity and form, it is possible for the stock(s) to be processed for distribution at ABRC, and the donor should contact us regarding the circumstances. The quantities and form appropriate for donation for different types of stocks are outlined below.

Beginning January 1, 2016, ABRC will pay the shipping charges for donations of all stocks including seeds, DNA and education kits. Please contact ABRC for a paid shipping label before sending donations.

All donations will be released in the database within 2-3 weeks, unless you are notified. If we must amplify your donation, it will be up to six months before we can make the stock(s) available for ordering.

Seed donation

The ABRC accepts seed stocks that are unique and which will be useful to the research community and/or possess genetic attributes which should be preserved. Seeds should be sent in tubes with threaded lids to prevent them from opening during transport. Stock numbers will be assigned when we receive your donation. Send tubes containing as much seed as you can spare to:

Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
Attn: Chris Calhoun
017 Rightmire Hall
1060 Carmack Road
Columbus OH 43210

Please contact us for a free shipping label.

Please download and complete the appropriate seed donation form below, and submit the form electronically as an attachment to

Simple donation form for mutant and transgenic lines:
Download Donation Form

Detailed donation forms:
Download Mutant Line Form
Download Natural Accession (Ecotype) Line Form
Download Recombinant Inbred Line Form
Download Transgenic Line Form

DNA donation

The ABRC accepts characterized clones, vectors, libraries, host strains and other resources of potential interest to the community, providing that we have the ability to accommodate them. For single clones and vectors, please provide 1 ug of plasmid DNA and two frozen glycerol stocks. Please contact ABRC before sending DNA stock donations.

Send stocks to:
Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
Attn: Jelena Brkljacic
055 Rightmire Hall
1060 Carmack Road
Columbus OH 43210

Please contact us for a free shipping label.

Please download  and complete the DNA donation form below and submit the form electronically as an attachment to Please include digital images of vector maps if available.
Download ABRC DNA Donation Form

Education Kit Donation

We are in the process of gathering materials for the development of a K-12 and undergraduate level Arabidopsis educational resource database, TRAINED (Translating Research on Arabidopsis Into a Network of EDucational resources). Please help us build TRAINED by contributing your high-quality teaching modules!

A module contribution should include detailed protocols for an easy, fun, and cost-effective experiment on Arabidopsis, as well as the accompanying materials necessary to help teachers highlight the biological principle(s) important to the lab. Module contributions can be as simple as sharing your favorite protocol and can range in length and difficulty depending on the topic and the experimental design. Accompanying materials can be almost anything including a text file, power point presentation, or even a YouTube video. Be creative!

Please use the form below to fill out some basic information about the module you wish to contribute and include it in an email to with any accompanying materials you wish to share. Feel free to call 614-292-9371 with any questions.

Download Education Module Donation form [pdf]