ABRC now offers kits to complement Teaching Tools in Plant Biology modules



The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center has partnered with Teaching Tools in Plant Biology to make additional resources available to the teaching community. Teaching Tools in Plant Biology, a publication of the American Society of Plant Biologists, provides a large suite of peer-reviewed, research-based modules for teaching college-level plant science courses. These resources are available via The Plant Cell, as well as the online platform Plantae. Each Teaching Tools in Plant Biology resource includes background information, instructional slides, and suggested readings. To complement these resources, ABRC is developing new education kits that can be used to demonstrate the concepts highlighted in the various Teaching Tools modules.



This project is a work in progress, with new kits constantly under development. To date, ABRC has released kits to accompany the Teaching Tools in Plant Biology modules listed below.

Genetics of Floral Development
Genetic Control of Leaf Development
Introduction to Phytohormones
The Story of Auxin
Abscisic Acid