New education kit available through ABRC

February 13, 2018

ABRC has a new education kit available thanks to a recent donation by Tara Phelps-Durr. This kit, Understanding the influence of mutations on protein structure and function, was developed based on the CourseSource module Using computational molecular modeling software to demonstrate how DNA mutations cause phenotypes. The module uses computational molecular modeling to demonstrate how DNA mutations cause phenotypes. The kit, which can be ordered through TAIR using the catalog number CS27972, is recommended for college-level instruction.

The addition of this new kits brings the total number of education kits available through ABRC up to twenty-one. Of those, six were developed and tested by ABRC with the remaining 15 having been donated by researchers and educators who use Arabidopsis in the classroom.

Do you use Arabidopsis as a teaching tool? Consider donating a module to our set of resources!