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Disruptions to Service at TAIR website

June 12, 2013
Since May 20, 2013 the TAIR database has been hosted on iPlant servers. Due to the switchover, there have been numerous disruptions to service daily.

Pictures from 4H Science Saturday

May 7, 2013
ABRC and CAPS staff and graduate students will Teamed up to introduce plant viruses in a hands-on activity "Does My Plant Have a Flu" for grades 3-6 as part of the 4-H Science Saturdays event.

ABRC Fee Increase July 1, 2013

May 1, 2013
There will be a fee increase for stocks and orders beginning July 1, 2013. This raise in fees is in accordance to our Business Plan submitted to NSF.

Ohio State greenhouse nurtures ‘fruit fly of the plant world’

December 7, 2012
The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center at Ohio State University was established in 1991 with funding from the National Science Foundation. Part of the center’s job is to meet demand for seed of the arabidopsis plant, which is widely used for genetic modeling.

New Set of Confirmed T-DNA Lines Available

November 27, 2012
New Set of Confirmed T-DNA Lines Available [November 28, 2012] The fourth one-allele set of confirmed T-DNA lines representing 3,263 new loci is now available for ordering as CS27944.