Welcome to our redesigned website!

Stock searching and ordering are now available here, with specialized search options for researchers and educators. You can find biological resources for A. thaliana and other plants using our main search, our accession search and our catalog. Stock detail pages link out to TAIR, NASC, SIGnAL, Araport, NCBI, and DOI. All past orders and invoices will be moved from TAIR to the new site.

If you are the PI of your own lab, then you will need to update/add your profile before any lab members can order. We encourage you to login as soon as possible.


If you are a donor of a stock or if you have placed an order in the past at TAIR:

        User name will be your email address

        Reset your password

        Complete your personal information (job title, phone, address, association)


If you are a new user:

        Sign up to place orders in the future.


For help with logging in or registration, please go to our Help page.


New Features:

  • View new stocks released

  • Add stocks to your personal wait list and be notified when available

  • View and download documents associated to stocks

  • Add and view quality control comments

  • Find resources from other species

  • Search and view education kits for K-12 and college level.

  • Learn about our school and outreach programs


You will still be able to find ABRC stocks at TAIR, and links to ABRC’s site will be available from search results and stock detail pages.


Please contact us at abrc@osu.edu with any questions.