Name / Stock Number: Yhiso / CD3-2885

other name: 35S:MDAR4Yh(I):GUS

Resource Type: plasmid

Availability: available

  • Ray Ming
  • Dessiree Zerpa Catanho

Donation Date: 08/10/2021

Date Released: 10/15/2021


pMDC139 vector (CD3-2880) containing an isoform of the CpMDAR4-Yh allele for an experiment on the characterization of the CpMDAR4 gene.

Growth Requirement: grow in LB media at 37C overnight

Marker: kanamycin


ABRC Comment: This material contains Gateway(TM) Technology owned by ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly known as Life Technologies/ Invitrogen Corporation). Distributed under Gateway Open Architecture Policy.

Format Shipped: bacterial stab

Base / Commercial Price: $13 / $104


Promoter: CaMV 35S

Reporter: GUS

Type: construct

Carica papaya 3649

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