Name / Stock Number: CS2105577

donor stock number: tt7-6

NASC stock number: N2105577

other name: GK-349F05

Resource Type: seed

Availability: available

  • Bernd Weisshaar

Donation Date: 04/13/2016

Date Released: 09/12/2016


transparent testa (tt) mutant

Growth Requirement: none


Background: Col (Columbia)

ABRC Comment:

Format Shipped: 100 seeds per vial

Base / Commercial Price: $15 / $120



pale brown seeds due to reduced levels of brown pigment in seed coat (testa); reduced levels of anthocyanins in leaves, stems and other tissues; deficient in flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase activity and lacks orthodihydroxy flavonoids, thus accumulating pelargonidin rather than the cyanidin found in wild type plants.

Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

Additional Information

Transgene Description Promoter Reporter Marker
pAC161 T-DNA sulfadiazine

Quality Control Comments

There is no quality control data for this stock.