Name / Stock Number: CS31086

NASC stock number: N31086

Stock Type: pool

Resource Type: set of seeds

Availability: available

  • Thomas Jack

Donation Date: 07/01/1997

Date Released: 12/21/1998


complete set of 1,130 pools of 10 Agrobacterium transformed enhancer trap lines from T. Jack; the T-DNA insert contains a GUS-promotor trap construct; T4 generation seeds distributed.

Growth Requirement: none


Background: Col gl (Columbia glabrous)

ABRC Comment: the parental line is included with this stock.

Format Shipped: 250 seeds per vial

Express Shipping Required: true

Base / Commercial Price: $2260 / $18080

Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

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There is no quality control data for this stock.