Name / Stock Number: CS3355

donor stock number: 236-70

NASC stock number: N3355

Resource Type: seed

Availability: available

  • George Redei

Donation Date: 12/19/2002

Date Released: 12/19/2002


glabrous mutant

Growth Requirement: none


Background: Col (Columbia)

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Format Shipped: 100 seeds per vial

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no trichomes on early leaves, number of trichomes increases on later leaves, concentrating at the leaf margins, phenotype similar to gl1-2.

Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

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researcher reported that this line has a 14-bp deletion in GL1/At3g27920, exactly the same as gl1-2 (Esch et al. 1994 Plant Mol Biol 24:203-207). ABRC 09/18/2008 To view detailed data, click here