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  • Beth Krizek
  • 06/26/2006



    Isolated from a EMS mutagenized population of 35S::PI seeds in the Nossen (No-0) ecotype; backcrossed four times to Lansdberg erecta (Ler) prior to phenotypic analyses.


    Ler (Landsberg erecta)

    100 seeds per vial

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    Mutant flowers sometimes produce more than four sepals and exhibit fusion between adjacent sepals. More than four sepals were observed in approximately 7% of rbe-3 flowers, while some degree of sepal fusion was observed in 35% of flowers (corresponding to 10% of all sepals). In rbe-3 flowers with more than four sepals, the extra sepal was thinner than the remaining four sepals. In some cases, one of the adjacent sepals was also somewhat reduced in width. Sepal fusion can occur in the absence of more than four sepals. Sepal fusion was observed most often at the base of these organs and more rarely along their entire length. We measured the width of mature sepals to determine whether sepal fusion might be due to wider organs. rbe-3 sepals were 12% wider than Landsberg erecta (Ler) sepals at maturity.

    Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

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    10.1111/j.1365-313X.2005.02633.x 16412084

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