Name / Stock Number: CS72583

donor stock number: TG2_pMDC162:1NX:GUS

NASC stock number: N72583

Resource Type: seed

Availability: available

  • Ray Ming
  • Dessiree Zerpa Catanho

Donation Date: 08/03/2021

Date Released: 09/24/2021


Transgenic line. Col-0 plants transformed with the pMDC162 vector containing the 1 kb native promoter region of CpMDAR4 on the X chromosome for an experiment on the characterization of the CpMDAR4 promoter in Carica papaya. Kanamycin and hygromycin resistant. Segregating for the transgene. Donated seeds are T1 generation. Construct used to generate stock: CD3-2867 / F1Kb-pos.

Growth Requirement: Use 0.5X MS selective medium containing 25 ug/ml Hygromycin for germination. Keep the plates in dark conditions at 4 C for at least 4 days, then place them in a growth chamber with a 16 h light and 8 h dark photoperiod at 23 C.

Marker: kanamycin, hygromycin

Background: Col (Columbia)

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Format Shipped: 100 seeds per vial

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Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

Additional Information

Transgene Description Promoter Reporter Marker
1NX:GUS 1 kb native CpMDAR4-X promoter in the pMDC162 vector 1 kb CpMDAR4-X GUS kanamycin, hygromycin

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