Name / Stock Number: CS78942

donor stock number: complete set of 1001 Genomes accesesions

NASC stock number: N78942

other name: complete set of 1001 Genomes accessions

Stock Type: set

Resource Type: set of seeds

Availability: available, 28 lines of the original 1001G set are not included in this set; the lines are pending validation or have been identified as incorrect by 1001 Genomes, see publication:

  • 1001 Genomes Project

Donation Date: 03/26/2015

Date Released: 03/26/2015


Set of 1,107 genome sequenced natural accessions from the 1001 Genomes Project.

Growth Requirement: varies by stock, see related documents below



ABRC Comment:

Format Shipped: 100 seeds per vial

Express Shipping Required: true

Base / Commercial Price: $2270 / $18160

Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

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