Name / Stock Number: CS79068

NASC stock number: N79068

donor stock number: 2018-0001

Resource Type: seed

Availability: available

  • Hjortur Thorbjornsson

Donation Date: 05/17/2024

Date Released: 05/17/2024


Seed was collected of 20-40 plants at Deildartunga in Iceland in the autumn of 2015. Of those seeds, more than 300 plants were cultivated and harvested for seed during 2023. A plant was collected for a voucher specimen deposited at the Icelandic AMNH herbarium (VA21379).

Growth Requirement: at least one week cold treatment after planting is suggested for optimal germination



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Format Shipped: 100 seeds per vial

Base / Commercial Price: $15 / $120



Arabidopsis thaliana 3702

Species Variant Name Location Habitat Country Latitude Longitude Altitude Daily Temp Monthly Precip
2018-0001 2018-0001 Deildartunga Geothermal soil, along a gravel path in partly disturbed vegetation, Borgarfjordur, Deildartunga Iceland 64,66345 -21,41068

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